Who We Are:

Believers who are not ashamed to say "I need God and prayer is my life line."

No Matter What We Are Praying Until Something Happens!

Our Story

Using Our Testimony to Empower Others to Share their Story and Encourage Believers to Pray No Matter What!

May 11, 2022 was the day our life changed forever. We had went to the hospital to have our first child together that would complete our family, Jeremiah Golden Watson, we heard the words no parents want to hear "Sorry, there is no heart beat." In that moment we were devastated, lost, hurt and at a loss for words but because we had a foundation in God we leaned on Him and began to pray and kept praying and hoping God would bring our baby back and He didn't. We had to go home empty handed and tell our two oldest children that their brother is in Heaven and wasn't coming home. That was one of the hardest things we ever had to do. In the healing process we had several days were all there was were tears, sadness and anger but we knew this load was to heavy to carry so we had to give it to God and turn this mess into a message. That's were PUSH Collection was created. We created a Pray inspired brand that was created with you in mind. That Believer who has tried any and everything to get them through the hardest test of life but one area you have been sleeping on is that conversation with God. Pray Until Something Happens!